Nevada State Fee Bank

More and more Nevada State Bank is fee happy. I am certain that the new management recently worked for Bank of America.

Over the past the several months I have been moving my business accounts from Nevada State to a credit union because of all the fees that NSB now charges. Notary is no longer free. If you dump change in their coin machine you pay nearly 10% ‘convenience’ fee. Business accounts have slowly increased in fees over the past several years. I have no credit lines, but I am willing to be that those are also going up in nickel and dime fees all to pay for executive pay packages.

The fee for a simple business account recently climbed form $15 to $18. Seems little enough until you figure they have 100,000 small business accounts and this little $3 fee adds upwards of $300,000 a month to their bottom line. And I am low guessing their small business account numbers.

In the process of closing my LAST account I will ever have with Nevada State Bank, I was charged $18 to close the account. Yes, $18 service fee to close the account!!!!!

Ok with me, you got a free $18.00 from me and I will make it a point to trash you with everyone I talk to. Everyone. That may seem like a unimportant point until you consider that I manage a postal/mailbox center with 100s of box customers and I set up new Nevada based corporations and LLCs for out of state clients. Yes, lots of new business clients ask me about banks. I send them exclusively to any of the Las Vegas based credit unions. The CUs are not perfect, but their fees are a lot lower and if you use online statements, you can get most accounts for free. Even business accounts.

And here is a funny point: I saw a sign where they were voted a Best In Las Vegas in the LVRJ readers poll. I really assume that the only votes they got was their employees because the management ORDERED the employees to vote for the bank. I can not really think anyone would willing vote for this joke of a “neighborhood” bank.

This post will be cross posted on other blogs I control. Just more trashing them.

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